Private Property may be Seized for a Public Path

5 September 2017
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The city of Saratoga Springs may use the power of eminent domain to acquire private property along Geyser Road for the construction of a new walking and biking trail.

The city must seize a half-acre of private property to complete the project. The impacted homeowners will lose privacy and landscaping that has sentimental value.

Many homeowners along the proposed route are against the plan and believe the path will be too dangerous due to conditions of the busy road.

The Upstate Distilling Company resides along the route and states that the road is fast paced with heavy traffic and windy.

Many people come to have a drink at the distillery and then walk over to the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. The Upstate Distilling Company is concerned about potential liability should someone get injured while walking on the path from their establishment.

The city hopes to alleviate the public’s safety concerns and provide a secure trail along the road that will lead into the Spa State Park.

The city of Saratoga Springs received a $1.4 million state grant for the project. The trail is approximately 13 feet wide and will begin at the city line with the town of Milton. Many homeowners have proposed alternative concepts that would not require the use of eminent domain.

At this time, the Geyser Road Trail will be about 2 miles long. Construction bids are expected to go out by fall.

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