Why Impact Check?

Buying real estate is often the largest investment a person will make. The process from start to finish can be complex and sometimes an outright burden. While focusing on the typical steps in buying a home such as selecting a property, obtaining insurance coverage, and moving, consumers generally rely upon their agent, lender, lawyer, and/or appraiser to cover everything else and feel they have little to worry about.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Your potential investment may be impacted by off-site factors or a planned public project that can negatively affect its value. These considerations are vastly important to every home buyer, but, are rarely (if ever) discussed during the home-buying process because no compilation of this type of information has existed, until now.

Impact Check is the exclusive source of information regarding planned projects nationwide involving property acquisitions such as pipelines, transmission lines, and road expansions /widenings. These projects can directly and unapologetically impact a property and its value. A Property Impact Report is a glimpse into the future, a home buying tool never offered before. We also factor in nearby wastewater treatment plants, airports, railroads, gas pipelines, high voltage transmission lines, nuclear power plants, and even sex offenders when analyzing a property. Impact Check does all of this to deliver a level of due diligence, all in one place, that real estate professionals are often unable to provide.

When considering a property for purchase, overlook nothing; ensure your property has an Impact Check Property Impact Report.

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