$1.2 billion investment into Appalachian infrastructure across 11 states

10 March 2022
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The Biden administration announced a $1.2 billion investment into Appalachian infrastructure across 11 states in cooperation with the Department of Transportation (DOT), with close to $35 million earmarked for Tennessee and Virginia this year. According to a release from the Department of Transportation, the contribution will increase funds for the Appalachian Development Highway System by 146% compared to the previous fiscal year. Over the next five years, the bill will provide more than $1.2 billion to states within the system, and fiscal year 2022 will see $246 million distributed for use.

Below is a state-by-state breakdown of the funds:

Alabama             73,875,000
Georgia             13,631,405
Kentucky             13,593,036
Maryland             11,072,956
Mississippi             10,285,444
North Carolina             16,149,326
Ohio             18,530,495
Pennsylvania             17,084,430
Tennessee             14,730,576
Virginia             19,962,161
West Virginia             37,335,171
Total           246,250,000

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