Utility Structure Ruining Neighborhood, could your home be next?

28 April 2023
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HOUSTON, Texas - After months of searching for the perfect home, a homeowner in Montrose was excited to finally move into her first home with her husband -- that is, until a massive utility structure pole was placed almost directly in front of their house just two weeks after closing.

The massive pole is part of an ongoing project to upgrade transmission structures and enhance resiliency in the Montrose area, according to CenterPoint Energy.

However, residents do not understand why the giant poles have to be placed so close to their homes.

"We saved a lot for this house and put a lot into this. It's upsetting they can do this," the homeowner said. "When they first poured the base, I said it's the size of a trampoline. It's huge. It clearly belongs on the side of a highway, not a neighborhood."

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